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The basis for the services to be performed are the General Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of Transport as amended from time to time.


You will find the most important information for your booking below.

Booking deadlines and requirements for rail shipment


Hamburg / Bremerhaven

Exportgenerally the day before dispatch 15:00*

generally the day before dispatch 13:00*



generally the day before dispatch 11:00

for Munich: different booking deadline 12:30 previous day

Importgenerally 2 days before dispatch 10:00*

* Different booking deadlines may apply for individual trains (depending on the slot time window of our trains on the terminals). Details are available on request.


All import containers must be released on the day before dispatch or the day of acceptance, and the necessary documents must be deposited at the terminal or, for transports via Rotterdam, in Portbase. Relevant data for the takeover of your containers (PIN, customs clearance data, etc.) must be received by ERS Railways GmbH at the latest on the day before dispatch or the day of acceptance without being requested. For shipping on Sundays and Mondays, the containers must already be ready for acceptance on Fridays.

Provision at the seaport

The estimated availability of export containers at the seaport is based on the specified time windows of the terminal operations. Our information is without guarantee and cannot be equated with the availability of containers in the shipping company's inventory. ERS is not responsible for and cannot influence any delays in the availability of containers in the shipping company's inventory. ERS shall not be liable in such cases.

Transhipments in the seaport

The arrival times of the trains at the seaport apply to the named terminals. Transfers to the desired terminal are to be taken into account with a time buffer. Individualised arrival times can be obtained from our Customer Service.


The departure times of trains from the seaport apply to the named terminals. Transfers from other terminals usually take place 1 day before departure in Hamburg and Bremerhaven, and 2 days before dispatch in Rotterdam. All transfer data must be available to Customer Service at these times.

Container availability in the inland terminal

The day of container availability at the inland terminal refers to domestic train arrivals. Fixed dates for acceptance of containers at the inland terminal cannot be guaranteed; exact acceptance times are available on request. We recommend that containers are made available on the day following the train arrival in order to create a buffer for possible delays/disruptions.


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Customer Service Mobile – Rotterdam and dedicated trains
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Customer Service


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