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Our commitment to environment

Compensating for unavoidable emissions

The efficient use of the resources required for seaport hinterland transport is a high priority for ERS. This applies in particular to the replacement of fossil fuels. For example, the share of CO2-neutral electrical energy for the long haul is already 100%. This means that the main rail run is CO2-compensated. This is made possible by the purchase of CO2-free electricity from regenerative hydropower, the supply of which is secured for the coming years.


Reducing existing emissions

The VECTRON locomotives (series/type 193) used in the main rail run are currently the most energy-efficient locomotives on the market with software-supported routing and the greatest possible energy recovery.


For ancillary services such as shunting, transfers and transhipments ERS promotes and works towards sustainability with companies and business partners on the transport route in order to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions here as well. For a number of inland terminals, shunting is not necessary due to swing entry.


Avoiding unnecessary emissions

The model of the joint production partnership in the boxXpress network creates ideal conditions for optimal utilisation of the trains used.


Corporate balance sheet

The balance sheet framework that ERS sets for itself and its service providers relates to the transport value chain offered and priced (=PCF - Product Carbon Footprint) and includes the greenhouse gases of the functional unit container.


For the overall organisation ERS (=CCF - Corporate Carbon Footprint) and project-related emissions (Project Carbon Foodprint), e.g. technical or organisational changes, other standards apply. Work is in progress to report the Corporate Carbon Footprint.


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ERS Railways is member
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