Second wave COVID-19: we support logistics

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading with renewed speed all over Europe. ERS Railways reinforces its preventive measures and takes provisions to secure the operational continuity of intermodal services.


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Human resources management "No risk"

Our staff is safe and protected by a number of measures that are constantly adapted to the evolving situation. They include:

  • Personal protection with devices for hygiene and disinfection
  • Strict physical distancing in all working environments
  • Wide use of home office and tele-conferencing
  • Clear processes in case of contagion.

Terminal management "Contactless"

The terminals in our network are organised in a way to reduce physical contacts between all people involved in terminal operations:

  • Regulated access to the counters, keeping a safe distance between people
  • Counter protection with glass, frequent disinfection of surfaces
  • Transhipment operations without direct interaction between people
  • Departure of the truck without the driver getting out of his cab or getting into contact with terminal operators.

Contingency management

We prepare so that we are able to act even if the situation is critical:

  • We make every effort to have sufficient trucking capacity.
  • We have planned back-up railcars, locomotives and drivers at our disposal via our partner boxXpress.
  • All departments are adopting a decentralised work organisation with separation inside the building and large use of home office, in order to have a parallel organisation in case of shortcomings or shutdowns.

The COVID-19 first wave has proven the strategic importance of intermodal transport. Letting goods travel by train minimises the risks and offers a stable alternative in case of difficulties for truck drivers to work in corona risk areas.


The Hupac Group contributes to the supply of goods in a safe and sustainable manner – we are ready to take the new challenge according to our motto "moving together"!


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