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On the move with 100% green energy

2021 our partner BoxXpress will switch to hydroelectric energy. With this, we are consistently implementing our strategy of eco-friendly railway production.

The train system, which specialises in container transport, will be even more environmentally friendly in future. From January 2021, the company will exclusively use "TüStrom Bahn Natur" from 100 per cent water power. The three shareholders of the private rail transport company Eurogate Intermodal GmbH (EGIM), ERS Railways GmbH and TX Logistik AG are thus consistently implementing their strategy of sustainable, environmentally friendly rail production.


The container trains powered by green electricity connect the seaports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam with important domestic economic centres. The Hamburg rail transport company purchases "TüStrom Bahn Natur" from the Tübingen public utility company. This clean energy from 100 percent hydropower is certified by TÜV Nord as "Certified Green Electricity". Neither climate-damaging CO2 nor radioactive waste is produced during its generation. With the conversion to green electricity achieves the goal of significantly reducing environmentally harmful emissions.


Despite special challenges on the market due to the COVID -19 pandemic, remains on its green course and offers a sustainable, future-oriented intermodal product. The three shareholders are thus resolutely realising their ambitious climate plans and will not be deterred by the Corona crisis.


In order to keep the energy consumption during transport as low as possible, the company exclusively uses ultra-modern Vectron locomotives. Moreover, the locomotives even generate electricity themselves by partially recovering the energy released during braking and converting it into electrical energy. In combination with innovative software and trained locomotive drivers, the energy recovery rate in the current year has so far been around 15 percent.


A modern fleet of mainly 4-axle 80ft wagons ensures that capacity can be optimised in terms of length. The units are equipped with whisper brakes or disc brakes - this minimises noise pollution and undercuts the current standard of the freight transport industry.


Stefan Marx, managing director of, says: "With this conversion we offer the market solutions to further minimise the climate impact of transports. Rail freight transport has a key role to play in achieving the European climate targets. We are therefore pleased to further expand the environmentally friendly intermodal system of Our long-term goal is to offer a CO2-neutral service.



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ERS Railways is member
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